Knowing English or French helps open the door to jobs, services, news and
information in Canada. This video will help you learn about the steps you can take
to improve your language skills before and after you arrive in Canada.


Make sure to download a copy of the Welcome BC’s Newcomer’s Guide and go through it to help make your transition to living in BC a smoother and easier one.

Now is the time to learn our language and some of our customs and culture.

The official languages of Canada are English and French. However, the most common language spoken in Vancouver is English.

Some available audio resources online to help you with basic English are:

Learning Chocolate: A Vocabulary Learning Platform 
The Linguist 
Randall’s ESL Listening Lab
Reading & Listening Practice

Activities to help you learn intermediate English:
Easy English
English Activities
English Club
English Is For Everybody

 Refugee Sponsorship Program: While Waiting Overseas | Refugee Sponsorship Program: Upon Arrival



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