Archbishop's Statement on Life and Election

Vancouver Archbishop J. Michael Miller released this statement for the B.C. March for Life, May 9.  The Office of Life, Marriage and the Family will celebrate the National Week for Life and the Family, an initiative of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops from May 12 to 19, 2013. More information is available here.

VANCOUVER (May 2, 2013) – This is a pivotal time in British Columbia.

On Thursday, May 9, many of us will gather in Victoria for the B.C. March for Life, joining thousands of Canadians who are celebrating life at marches across the country.

This annual event draws large crowds, and this year we will bring a unique message to the B.C. Legislature: the time has come to end sex-selective abortions.

We will put a public face on the message that children are dying because they are the “wrong” gender. We will ask British Columbians to face up to the reality of gendercide, of depriving an infant of life because she is a girl. The issue will be echoed at the National March for Life in Ottawa.

Another sign that life issues are not easily hidden from public view is the questioning by several MPs about the death of hundreds of live babies following failed abortion attempts.

Girls are targeted for being the “wrong” gender, and live infants are allowed to die. Both practices must stop.

On May 14, British Columbians will go to the polls to choose their leadership for the next four years. This occasion offers a unique opportunity to communicate with legislators and with candidates. Now, more than at any other time, we have the interest and attention of the media and politicians.

Ours is a province where we admirably struggle to find ways to end child poverty, but sadly we tolerate the ending of dozens of innocent unborn lives every day across B.C.

We have witnessed violence against the unborn for too long. Now is the time to send a message loud and clear that we stand for life.

I invite Catholics and people of good will to make their views known, support the March for Life, form their conscience before voting, and pray that a “culture of life” will result in our nation.



Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB
Archbishop of Vancouver

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