Archbishop Timothy Casey

CaseyArchbishop Timothy Casey (1862–1931)

Date of Birth:
February 20, 1862, Flume Ridge, New Brunswick

June 29, 1886, by Bishop John Sweeney, Saint John, New Brunswick

Episcopal Ordination:
February 11, 1900, by Archbishop Cornelius O’Brien, Archbishop of Halifax, assisted by Cardinal Nazaire Bégin, Archbishop of Quebec, and Bishop John Cameron, Bishop of Antigonish, at Saint John, New Brunskwick.

Length of Episcopacy:

Motto: Dominus spes mea. (God is my hope.)

Archbishop Timothy Casey initially served the Diocese of Saint John in America, now the Diocese of Saint John, New Brunswick. On September 30, 1890, he was appointed titular bishop of Utina and coadjutor of Saint John by Pope Leo XIII. He became the bishop of Saint John upon the death of Bishop John Sweeny on March 25, 1901. Casey-coatArchbishop Casey was appointed to the Archdiocese of Vancouver on August 2, 1912, by Pope Pius X. He began his episcopate with an extensive tour of the southeastern part of the diocese. He made Holy Rosary his pro-cathedral and dealt with the difficult financial issues that faced the Archdiocese before and after World War I. Archbishop Casey died at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver on October 5, 1931, at the age of 69.

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