AFF: ALPHA for Catholics

Category: 7-12 sessions, DVD, Outreach, Small Group.


Program: ALPHA for Catholics

A 10-week program that provides a general introduction to Christianity through the use of lively video presentations and structured small group discussions. Sessions consist of a meal, DVD presentation, and small group discussion. There is one retreat day. For more information, check out theĀ Read More

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AFF: Catholicism

Category: 7-12 sessions, Catechesis, DVD, Men's, Small Group.


Program: Catholicism with Fr. Robert Barron, S.T.L.

A ten-part documentary DVD series and study program about the Catholic faith. Fr. Robert Barron created the ground breaking CATHOLICISM ADULT STUDY PROGRAM as a thematic presentation of what Catholics believe and why, so all adults can come to a deeper... Read More

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