Walking with Purpose

Seven priorities that make life work

Lisa Brenninkmeyer

Published by Beacon Publishing and available from Dynamic Catholic

Walk with Purpose

Lisa Brenninkmeyer has written a thoughtful and thought provoking book called ‘Walking With Purpose, Seven Priorities That Make Life Work’.  This book is a companion to her website ‘Walking With Purpose, Enabling Women To Know Christ Though Scripture’.   The website offers a parish based scripture program which aims to reach out to women who desire to grow in their faith.

Lisa begins her book talking about the ‘basics’:  1) understanding the Depth of God’s love, 2) Recognizing what drives you 3) Avoiding Distractions and 4) Cultivating an eternal prospective.  She then lists and expands on seven priorities for putting the basics into action; using many examples and humorous stories from her life with her husband and seven children.

The priorities:

1)      Your Relationship with God
“Let’s get real.  It isn’t easy to put God first.  But when we do, our hearts are centered, and everything else falls in place”.

2)      Tending to Your Heart
“God knows the questions we hold deep in our hearts.  We want to know if we are of value.  We need to hear that we are loved.”

3)      Your Marriage
“If we want to experience a marriage transformed by grace, we need to start with our relationship with Christ.”

4)      Reaching your Child’s Heart
“How do we do what is best for our children, see their highest good, meet their needs and truly cherish them?”

5)      Clarity in the Clutter of Your Home
“Our lives are filled with clutter.  We have the obvious clutter of papers, toys, shoes, bags, etc., but we also have clutter in our minds when we have too many things going on and we can’t keep it all straight.”

6)      Friendship

“In a time of pain, we need our sisters in Christ to remind us of who we are – that we are still women of value, that we are beloved to God, that not only will God not leave us, but they aren’t going anywhere either.”

7)      Outside Activities

What qualities are found in a balanced woman?  She stands out in the crowd with quiet confidence.  That confidence comes from knowing how very much she is loved by her Heavenly Father, and that he loves her not because of what she produces, but simply because she is his daughter and he is crazy about her.”

The book is very readable with short chapters that can be read in one sitting.  A study guide with discussion questions can be downloaded from her website.

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