For your convenience, we have listed the anticipated menu for Spirit Day. Please let your participants know that if they are uncertain about what is being served, they should bring their own food.  There will be a fridge and a microwave available for use by participants with special dietary needs. Please bring all food well-labelled with the participant’s name, group name, city and Head Chaperone’s name. Food that needs to be refrigerated can be dropped off at Registration when you come to pick up your package on the day of the event.

* Only the head chaperones will have access to the fridge and microwave during meal times. (Volunteers will not be available to help with the heating of meals.)

Due to the size of the event, we are unable to tailor specialized meals.


Menu for Spirit Day – Saturday





  • Pasta with meat sauce, or marinara sauce (for vegetarians and gluten-free)
    • Meat sauce is made of beef and a tomato base (dairy-free; may contain traces of nuts, egg, soy, and wheat)
    • Marinara sauce is made of tomato base with spices, served with gluten-free pasta (dairy-free)



Menu for Spirit Day – Sunday





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