Adult Leader Job Description

Your presence in the Searching in the Spirit Program is very important.  You have a great impact on the participants!!! 


Duties/Responsibilities during the Program:

  • Show respect and care.
  • Actively participate in the program with your parish youth.
  • Be a companion who can help to focus the group, encourage enthusiasm for each challenge, and keep the peace.
  • Spend time with the youth and try to avoid spending more time with the other adult leaders.
  • Most important: Be an example to the youth.
  • Direct youth at tables during meal times.
  • Lead some small-group discussions, in particular, the evening parish group meetings.
  • You and any other adults will be responsible for your particular cabin. This means supervising all youth (may include those not in your parish group) in your cabin at night, cabin clean-up, and cabin chores.
  • Faithfully attend all adult leader meetings during the week.
  • Organize and guide youth in doing chores thoroughly and responsibly.
  • Allow youth to quietly spend time journaling on the pages of each day’s section; have a small group sharing on their thoughts and feelings of the day.
  • Establish bed-time routine; see that all observe Lights Out; guard rest-time.
  • Have fun!

Cabin Rules:

  • Keep area clean; keep bags zipped.
  • Lights Out means the lights go out in the cabins.  No loud conversations.  You may read with your flashlight on.
  • Youth are not to leave the cabins after Lights Out.  Leaving cabins after Lights Out will not be tolerated.

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