Safe Environment

Reporting Serious Misconduct

Any person who has reasonable grounds to suspect that a minor or vulnerable adult in the parish is or has been abused must report that suspicion to the authorities and the appropriate Archbishop’s Delegate (or Deputy Delegate):

  1. Please contact the police or call 911 if an offense has been committed or if a person is in immediate danger.
  2. If a person has reason to believe that a minor has been abused, you have a legal obligation to report to the Ministry of Children and Family Development by calling the Helpline for Children at 604.310.1234
  3. To report an alleged abuse by a clergy member, please contact at any time:
    Rev. Joseph Le, Archbishop’s Delegate for Serious Misconduct of Clergy
    Tel: 604 683 0281 ext 50462 (The Chancery)
    Cell: 778 858 3991
    Email: jle@rcav.orgIf Rev. Joseph Le is not available, please contact:

    Rev. Msgr. Gregory Smith, Archbishop’s Deputy Delegate for Serious Misconduct of Clergy
    Tel: 604 683 0281 ext 50430
    Cell: 604 657 3715

    You may also contact:
    Mrs. Marisa Ruggier-Andrews

    Tel: 604 683 0281 ext 50426
    Cell: 604 340 6047

  4. To report an alleged abuse by a religious, a lay employee or volunteer, please contact:
    Mr. James Borkowski, Archbishop’s Delegate for Receiving Allegations of Serious Misconduct
    by Lay Persons

    Tel: 604 683 0281 ext. 50433
    Cell: 604 318 0876

    If Mr. Borkowski is not available, please contact:
    Sharon Goh, Deputy Delegate
    Tel: 604 683 0281 ext 50214
    Cell: 604 723 5998

Policy Implementation & Administration

If you have any questions on the implementing and administering of the policy, please contact:
Safe Environment Coordinator
Tel: 604 683 0281 ext 50313



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