Choosing Life

You are transforming lives by giving to the Pro-life Sunday Collection

Last year, you raised $178,542 through Pro-Life Sunday.

Here's how your gift helped 21 local Pro-Life groups:

Each group works within the Archdiocese of Vancouver to ensure that all voices are heard. This year, more than 26 organizations are expected to apply for grants to receive funding from Pro-Life Sunday this Sunday, June 17, to continue their work.

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Your Impact

Thanks to your generous donations for Pro-Life Sunday 2017, you made it possible to grant funds to the following projects:

Changing Minds on Campus

We received $8,500 last year, and we saw minds changing and a great deal of healing. On one of our last days of the Genocide Awareness Project, a young woman named Juri shared a story for all of us. She said, “I have no idea who those pro-life people were, those people we yelled at years ago. It hurts to think I’ll never be able to thank them in person. Can you tell them? Tell them: thank you for saving my nephew. Maybe they will hear this message and be encouraged to keep up the good work they are doing.“

—Joanna Krawczynski, pro-life speaker with National Campus Life Network

Value Through Leadership

We are so thankful to receive $30,000 from Pro-Life Sunday 2017. We hosted 55 high school students from 11 different schools got to participate in the Value Project Symposium in October. In total over 6,000 students were impacted by the student-led Value Week at the schools! One young man talked about constantly feeling pressure to perform well, and the relief that he experienced from understanding that his value was inherent to who he was, regardless of what he does, brought him to the point of tears.

—Carrie Davidson, Executive Director at The Signal Hill

Finding Courage to Choose

We use $9,050 last year from Pro-Life Sunday to use Google AdWords to target women searching "abortion in Langley", resulting in more than 20 calls each month. We also provided 8 women with ultrasounds, 3 of whom have chosen life. One courageous woman told us, “You know when people ask why I am capable of doing this, I say it’s because of you.“ She will be a single mom, having been kicked out of her abusive boyfriend’s home. She chose life because someone said, “I think you can do it.“

—Elisa Veenbaas, Langley Site Manager for Hope for Women