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Give to Pro-life Sunday Special Collection

You Can Help Save and Transform Lives

Last year, you raised $160,000 through your donations on Pro-Life Sunday, which was given to 22 local Pro-Life groups to support their life-affirming work, including The Signal Hill and Christian Advocacy Society, a charity which has helped over 26,500 women in crisis for the past 27 years.

This year, there will be a second collection on Sunday, June 18th, Father's Day, to help local groups in our Archdiocese who requested $400,000 last year. Please give generously.

Envelopes will be available at your parish on Sunday, June 18th, or you can give online today.

Archbishop's Letter

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

Today, Father’s Day, is also Pro-life Sunday, and on this day when we honour the giving of life to others, I invite you to reflect on what it means to respect all life as a gift from God.

Last year through Pro-Life Sunday, you helped to foster respect for life by supporting the following projects:

  • Advertising and supplies for eight crisis pregnancy centres;
  • The new Dying Healed Program by Vancouver Right to Life, which trains volunteers in end-of-life care;
  • Compassionate Community Care Service, a helpline which answers questions about end-of-life care operated by the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition;
  • Resources and programs for groups promoting respect for life on university campuses;
  • The Value Project of Signal Hill, which prepares high school students to speak effectively about the value of human life;
  • The annual B.C. March for Life in Victoria.

The Pro-life Sunday collection helps to fund these pro-life organizations in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. There are many more projects in need of funding. Please give generously so that we can continue making a difference by promoting the beauty and worth of every life from conception to its natural end.

With my blessing and the assurance of my prayers, I remain
Sincerely yours in Christ,

✠ J. Michael Miller, CSB
Archbishop of Vancouver

Your impact

Thanks to your generous donations for Pro-Life Sunday 2016, you made it possible to grant funds to the following projects:

Love Unleashes Life

Minds are being changed.
A 17-year-old student who attended one of my euthanasia talks wrote, “I understand that it is a serious matter and when I do become a doctor, I want to save lives, not destroy them or end them.“ I am so grateful for the funds granted from the Pro-Life Sunday collection. - Stephanie Gray, Author


Thanks to our grant from the Archdiocese of Vancouver, LifeCanada has taken on many large and important projects this year, including running training programs like the Dying Healed workshops piloted in Vancouver, before being rolled out across Canada. - Natalie Sonnen, Executive Director

Hope For Women Testimonies

At 17, I found out I was pregnant. I decided to walk into Hope for Women Pregnancy Centre and instantly felt joy and peace. Not only did I receive amazing counsel from the Centre, but they supplied me with prenatal vitamins, a car seat, and my volunteer doula. - Desiree Williams (2017)