Project Advance is a diocesan-wide annual appeal which seeks to provide resources for both diocesan and individual parish needs. Project Advance began in 1980 with Archbishop Carney’s vision of building a strong diocesan community. Its purpose was to provide the necessary resources to fund important capital projects within the Archdiocese. In later years, programs in the areas of education, social concerns and spiritual growth were added. Parishioners responded to this call for support with great generosity, and the fruits of their gifts can be seen and felt throughout the Archdiocese and in all parishes.

Project Advance has raised more than $167 million dollars since its inception. Under the guidance of our Steering Committee, comprised of clergy and laypersons, our pastors and the tireless work of parish volunteers, each year the Archdiocese and its parishes are able to go forward with many worthwhile capital and operational projects. The cost of running Project Advance was at 4.9% last year.

Project Advance provides the opportunity to promote the ideals of Christian stewardship, to become aware of our blessings, and to use them accordingly for the growth and benefit of God’s Kingdom in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Further, parishioners have become more aware of the needs beyond the boundaries of their own individual parishes. Project Advance enables them to share in reaching the goals of both the diocese and their own parish.

The Parish Rebate Program has assisted all parishes within the Archdiocese to fund their own local building or financial programs. Further details on the rebate will follow.

Project Advance is divided into two phases. Phase 1 takes place after Easter in April, May and June. Individual parishes may adjust the schedule to best suit their parish. It should not coincide with First Communion or another event which would prevent a significant number of parishioners from attending their usual Sunday Mass and so not hear the Project Advance request. Phase 2 takes place in the fall continuing right to December 31st.
Each parish in the Archdiocese is assessed a financial goal for Project Advance. Once that goal has been reached, all additional gifts (less the parish’s share of expenses) is returned to the parish for its own use. For example, parishes have used the rebate to pay down debts, expand their buildings, replace equipment, etc. To date, an astounding $90 million dollars has been rebated to our parishes. The Project Advance rebate is not subject to the cathedraticum tax.

The parish goal is based on the total parish income from Sunday collections as reported by your parish to the Archdiocese. The individual parish’s percentage of the total income is the approximate percentage of its Project Advance Archdiocesan goal. For example, if Parish A contributed 2.4% of the total Sunday collection for the previous year, then its share will be approximately 2.4% of the total Project Advance goal. Some adjustments may be made for special circumstances. The $3M goal is approximately 12% of the total Archdiocesan Sunday collection so most parish goals are approximately 12% of their annual Sunday collection.

The Project Advance Steering Committee has been appointed to make the decisions regarding allocation of Project Advance funds. The main case meets pressing capital and charitable needs in the Archdiocese. There is a “Special Grants” fund of up to $100,000 set aside for which groups within the Archdiocese that require one-time special funding may apply. The committee’s recommendations for these grants are sent to Archbishop Miller for approval. Applications are available online at Project Advance.

The Project Advance Steering Committee is overseen by Archbishop Michael Miller, CSB.  Clergy members include Very Reverend Joseph Nguyen, Chair, Rev. Glenn Dion, Rev. Vincent Hawkswell, Rev. Craig Scott and Rev. Eugenio Aloisio.

The following are lay members: Francis Wong (Director of Financial Administration), Barbara Dowding (Vice-Chancellor / Director of Stewardship), Brett Powell (Director of Development), and ex officio members include Malcolm Ashford & Renata Cecconi (Coordinators, Project Advance) and Grant Andrews (Administrator, Project Advance).


Appeal Procedures

Yes, using your credit card, you can make a one time donation or any number of monthly donations credited to the parish of your choice by clicking here now.

No, they don’t have to be. A donor can set up a monthly charge plan, thereby avoiding extra bank interest charges while stretching outpayments. Your pledge card provides a place to indicate the number of months you wish to make a payment.

The transactions will be processed either on the 14th or the 28th of each month. You may indicate your preference on the pledge card. Otherwise your payment will be processed as soon as possible.

Tax receipts, in accordance with tax regulations, only include the actual amount received throughout the calendar year up to and including December 31st.

Either spouse can use the tax receipt regardless of the name printed on the receipt. It is preferable to have both spouses’ names on the pledge card.

The receipts will be issued in mid-February for the previous tax year. The receipts are mailed to the parishes and are distributed with your parish receipt.

Gifts should be made under the name of the person who intends to use the receipt for income tax purposes.

Phone the Project Advance Office at 604 683 0281 and we will issue a replacement.

You should call both the parish and the Project Advance Office and let them know your new address. If you receive a reminder notice with an old address, please make the necessary changes on the reminder notice and return it to our office.

Rather than writing several post-dated cheques, pre-authorized payments accomplish the same thing, but are safer and more cost-effective to process. The donor attaches a void cheque to the pledge card, and indicates the monthly amount and number of payments to be deducted. The cheque and pledge card are forwarded to the Project Advance office for processing.

Pre-Authorized payments will be debited on the 15th or 28th of each month, until the pledge is fulfilled. Please indicate if you have a preference. If this day falls on a weekend or Holiday, the debit will occur on the next working day.

Yes, but we don’t encourage it for security reasons. It is impossible to trace a cash gift. Ask for a receipt whenever giving cash.

To accommodate donors who want to spread out their pledges and for those parishes that are on major capital appeals requiring larger than average pledges. This is an option for donors and not a requirement. Given the high volume of post-dated cheques, many people are already extending payments beyond six months.

No. Pledge reminders will only be sent for direct billing.

Payments received on or around the day of printing will not be reflected on the statement. If a payment is made to a parish it can result in delays. Should you have any questions, please phone the Project Advance Office.

The appeal expenses are around 3% of the total collected.

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