The Strategy: More Than Prayer

The Strategy contains six elements. It calls for action in six areas, the first and foremost of which is prayer. But much more than prayer is needed.

If we really believe that abortion and euthanasia are acts of murder (in the sense of being willful killings of innocent human beings), we should behave accordingly, using every intelligent and moral means to save those who are in danger. “Rescue those who are being taken away to death” (Pr. 24:10)

In addition to prayer, then, the Strategy incorporates the three basic sectors of the pro-life movement—crisis services, education and political action—within a Church perspective. It also focuses on the Church’s relationship with pro-life organizations, and deals with the properly religious matter of relations with other Christians concerning life issues.

The integral relationship between prayer and other pro-life activity is beautifully expressed in the wisdom of Mother Teresa of Calcutta: “The fruit of prayer is faith; the fruit of faith is love; the fruit of love is service”. As people pray more fervently, we anticipate that more and more they will be ready to express the life of the Holy Spirit in action. But everything hinges on us first turning to the Lord.

Archdiocesan Pro-Life Strategy
1. Introduction: Some Shaping Principles 
  1.1 The Grace of Conversion 
  1.2 Impetus for a New Pro-Life Strategy 
  1.3 Primary Emphasis of Strategy: Prayer 
  1.4 The Strategy: More Than Prayer 
  1.5 Long-Range View 
  1.6 “Toward a Culture of Life
2. Elements of Strategy 
  2.1 Prayer 
  2.2 Crisis Response 
  2.3 Education 
  2.4 Civic Action 
  2.5 Ecumenical Relations 
  2.6 Liaison with Pro-Life Groups 

The Pro-Life Strategy was developed in 1993
Revised: May 1995, November 1995, February 2000

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