Who’s making a mission appeal in Vancouver this summer?

Sister Anne Mugo and Sister Helen Murage
Nairobi, Kenya
Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate

Sister Mary Isaac Waithera, Religious Superior of the Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate, writes:  “We appeal for donations to support our needy missions in Kenya that serve over 400 orphans and street children at Maria Immaculata Center in Nairobi and at a rescue center and school for teenage girls rescued from forced marriages. The children are in urgent need of food, clothing, medicine and education.”

 The Sisters will be making a mission appeal at all Masses:

Reverend Abraham Joseph Srambical, VC
Kayunga, Uganda
Marymatha Province of the Vincentian Congregation

Rev. Dr. Paul Puthuva, VC, Provincial Superior of Marymatha Province of theVincentian Congregation, writes:  “De Paul Boys’ Home at Kayunga, Uganda – is the first Vincentian charitable institution in East African soil.  Begun in 2012, this Home is meant for those children who are unfortunately deprived of proper food, care and education .  In a country like Uganda, the proper growth of children is adversely affected by several factors.  With widespread poverty, parents in many families find it difficult to give proper food and care to their children and children are often denied primary education.  The situation becomes more grave for those children who are orphans or belong to broken families.  Through the De Paul Boys’ Home, the Marymatha Province hopes to inspire many generous hearts to give a bright future to the children.”

Father Srambical will be making a mission appeal at all Masses:

Reverend Carlos Piccone Camere, OFMCap.
Andean Peruvian Highlands
Cauchpin Franciscans

Reverend Fr. Gonzalo Cateriano, OFMCap., Provincial Minister, Curia Provincial del Peru Hermanos Capuchinos writes:  “The Capuchin Franciscans are the youngest branch of the First Order for Religious men, going back to 1525, when some Friars Minor in the Marches (Italy) wanted to live a stricter life of prayer and poverty to be closer to the original intentions of St. Francis.  Our Order now exists in 106 countries all over the world, with around 10,500 brothers living in more than 1,700 communities (fraternities, friaries).  Both priest and lay, live and pray together in community while serving the poor and marginalized.  Unfortunately, this scenario of poverty and marginalization is not strange in many Latin American countries as Peru, especially in rural areas where the reality is often worrisome and dramatic.”

Father Piccone will be making a mission appeal at all Masses:

Reverend Benjamin Chinnappan
India – 168 dioceses country-wide
Catholic Bishops Conference of India (Office for Scheduled Castes [Dalits] and Backward Classes)

Most Reverend A. Neethinathan, Chairperson of CBCI, writes:  “CBCI Office for Dalits and Backward Classes is the official organ of the CBCI.  It was established for the holistic development and empowerment of the Catholic Dalits in India.  Dalits who embrace Christianity continue to suffer social exclusion and untouchability by society.  Because of hundreds of years of oppression and slavery they continue to be poor and illiterate.  Using their condition of vulnerability, illiteracy and poverty the Dalit Children are trafficked for cheap labour, sex work, domestic labour, human organs, etc.  They are forced into child labour and migration.  Denial of affirmative action by the Government to the Dalit Christians adds misery to their situation.  From our experience, we find education is the best way to liberate these children from their pathetic situation.”

Father Chinnappan will be making a mission appeal at all Masses:

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