Establish stewardship committees in 30-40 parishes by September 30, 2015.

Stewardship requires the collaborative ministry of the pastor and the lay leadership to lead the people to a realization that collectively, we are Church; that we are gifted by God to be Christ to one another; and that each one has a responsibility to live life gratefully as God intended.

Following the delivery of a Stewardship Survey to parishes in February the Leadership Team met to discuss the results and steps going forward.  The results were very favourable in that 70% of parishes responded, with 30 parishes reporting they have a group or committee responsible for promoting/implementing Stewardship concepts. Another 43 expressed interest in varying degrees for follow up, information, or more diocesan stewardship events or activities.

In March, following up on the Archbishop’s presentation at the One Conference in February where he expanded on all the priorities and goals, the Stewardship Office held a follow-up presentation. Topics included hosting a Ministry Fair and Gratitude Sunday, personal testimonies of conversion to stewardship as a way of life, and practical steps to starting a stewardship committee.

The Strategic Planning Committee met in May to plan for the fall. The Stewardship Office will continue to offer presentations to the deaneries as possible and respond to all requests for talks, retreats, workshops from pastors.

At Pentecost, the Archbishop wrote a letter about Stewardship Awareness Sunday and many parishes held Ministry Fairs. In addition, stewardship brochures were sent to all parishes and the website was updated with the latest stewardship resources.

Plans are in place to host a Diocesan Stewardship Day on January 24/25, 2015, that will be geared to practical ways and means to establish strong and vibrant stewardship committees.

– Barb Dowding
July 31, 2014

Complete planning for each parish’s Infrastructure Renewal by November 30, 2015.

It has been just over one year since the June 8, 2013, Archdiocesan meetings about the seismic assessment  reports of our schools and churches. Each parish and regional high school is required to submit an infrastructure renewal planning report  to the Archdiocese by Nov. 30, 2015.

Since then the work of the Property and Infrastructure Office (PIO) has been to develop and share information and tools for parishes and schools to use in planning their next steps of infrastructure renewal.

To assist them with this task, the PIO has developed a web Sharepoint site to store reports, scanned drawings, planning papers, and tools. Pastors and other authorized individuals can have access to this secure website.

Several workshops with groups of parishes have been conducted by PIO staff to help explain tools such as the parish needs assessment document and four or five more workshops are being planned for the fall of 2014.

Recent updates:

  • On May 1, Fr. Stanley Galvon was appointed Archbishop’s Delegate for Infrastructure and Property Stewardship which includes overseeing infrastructure renewal programs.
  • As of June 20, 22 campuses are in various stages of completing the Campus Master Plan Feasibility Study, 24 are in the process of completing the Campus Master Plan Parish Needs Assessment, and 41 are to be determined.
  • A new Infrastructure Renewal website was launched in June.
  • Six deanery-level Infrastructure Renewal-Campus Master Plan workshops have been scheduled for September, October and November 2014 (two per month) to communicate and explain the Nov. 30, 2015, requirements.  Individual campus follow-up will occur as required.
  • Significant progress has been made in recent months to develop tools to support parishes as they begin planning for Infrastructure Renewal. These tools are a result of joint effort between various RCAV offices with feedback and direction from pilot project parishes. We anticipate that by December 2014 all campuses will have attended an IR-Campus Master Planning Workshop and be well positioned to complete either the CMP: Parish Needs Assessment or the CMP: Feasibility Study by the Nov. 30, 2015, target date.

– Fr. Stanley Galvon
July 15, 2014


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