St. Mary’s Padre Pio Prayer Group

The Priesthood of the Laity gives unique power to prayers of Intercession and offering of self.

The non-baptized can pray for others, but we, the baptized, received a special character in our soul that conforms us to Christ, priest, prophet, and king. This is conferred by the anointing with the oil of chrism at baptism. By this, we are all priests. We call that priesthood, priesthood of the laity, to distinguish it from the ministerial priesthood that is received through the Sacrament of Holy Orders. The priesthood of the laity consists in our intercessory prayers for others in union with Christ the priest and in the offering of self and our sufferings and good deeds. The “Our Father” links our intercession with Christ’s prayers for the fulfillment of the will of the Father, for the coming of His Kingdom, now and forever. St. Paul understood and lived that kind of prayer and offering of self.

In the history of Christianity the gift of transverberation of the heart has been given only to a few privileged souls who have been chosen by God according to His divine will. Padre Pio was one of them. Join us for a prayer meeting, followed by a presentation on Saturday, August 5, at 9:30 a.m. at St. Mary’s Church, Vancouver.

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