January 19, 2017 @ 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm
Sr. John Mary

Positive Parenting Workshop

Given the stress of daily life, parents need as much help as possible. Positive parenting styles could improve relationships in the family and ease up the tension between parents and children (esp. parenting teenagers). Grandparents may find the new generation of children entirely different from their time, and these workshops can give them a closer view of today’s children, and how to make the most of their time together! Guardians, needless to say, could benefit from learning more positive ways of communicating resulting in a more wholesome and nurturing relationship with the children under their care.

Practically, every one can benefit from these workshops because, at one point or another we connect with children of varying ages. All parents, grandparents, guardians and any member of the family who would like to understand more are invited to learn how we can communicate better and improve our relationship with our children.

Workshops are on Thursdays, Jan. 19 to March 9, 6:45-7:45 p.m. at the All Saints Gym! 

Registration for this event is FREE. Please be sure to register to reserve your spot. 






Here is the schedule:

January 19 : Positive Parenting (gym)

This module is aimed to help parents understand themselves and their children by discovering their parenting styles, learning about the developmental stages of their children and their uniqueness and how they can affect parent-child relationships.

January 26: Parenting Teenagers (school classroom)

Communicating with teens of this generation may not turn out to be a very fulfilling task these days. This module addresses what happens to a teen’s brain and why they behave the way the do. It can also make us understand the impact of the roles we take, as parents, that make or break our relationship with our teens.

February 2: How to improve your Child’s Self-Esteem (gym)

Every parent was their child to grow up capable, confident, and responsible. This modules teaches practical ways to help children build a healthy sense of self-esteem that is essential to a healthy well-adjusted personality.

February 16: Four Goals of Misbehavior (gym)

Every behavior persists for a reason. This  module aims to make parents understand and learn to respond appropriately the underlying reasons for the child’s  misbehavior.

February 23: Problem Solving and Family Meetings (gym)

Cooperation and not coercion is the goal of democratic parenting. Children respond effectively to parents who are great problem solvers. This will help parents develop awareness and the skills to help their kids/teens problem solve through a simple guided introduction to family meetings.

March 9: Finding God in the Home (gym)

A practical guide to family spirituality. The family is the domestic Church of God and parents have an important part as role models for their children. How can parents promote charity and justice in the upbringing of the children? How can love be made present in the day-to-day interaction in the family? What role does prayer have in the home?

The workshop facilitator is Ms. Joy Jose, under the office of Life, Marriage and Family headed by Sr. John Mary Sullivan, FSE of the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

Joy is a nurse and a pastoral counselor from the Loyola School of Theology, Philippines and is PIDP (BC Provincial Instructors Diploma Program) certified. She has developed and facilitated family life and parenting workshops for different parishes and communities for over 10 years. Joy with her husband, Gary, raised their four daughters.

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