OLPH Parish Mission
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish is hosting a Parish Lenten Mission with visiting deacon, Bob Williston and his wife Joan. The Eucharist Unfolding the Mercy of God – is a series of powerful talks with music on the mercy and healing touch of Christ in the Eucharist.

Topics include:

  • Receive the Mercy of God – Sunday, April 2 at 6pm
    Like the Father in the Prodigal Son story, the mercy of God is ever-present, and waiting for our return home. The mercy is freely given, with no strings attached. God’s mercy is best seen in the encounters between Jesus and those most in need of His mercy!
  • Give Thanks for God’s Mercy – Monday, April 3 at 7pm
    Our response to this invitation of mercy is molded deep in our hearts by the Eucharist we celebrate regularly. The Greek word “Eucharistia” means to give thanks! We can fashion a heart of gratitude both in our prayer life and in our relationships with people.
  • Our Brokenness Needs the Mercy – Tuesday, April 4 at 7pm (Confessions at 8pm)
    The healing touch of Christ from the cross reaches out to any wounded heart. His gentleness and compassion can transform and heal us when we find it difficult to love or be loved. “By his wounds we are healed.”
  • Sharing the Mercy of God with a World in Need – Wednesday, April 5 at 7pm
    The Eucharist is meant to transform us into a people of compassion and care. We live in a world so desperately in need of our healing and merciful presence. The mercy we have received is meant to be shared with others.

Location: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Vancouver.

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