The Archdiocesan Pro-Life Strategy

Life is in our HandsThe Archdiocesan Pro-Life Strategy (1993) is the foundation for the pro-life efforts of the Respect Life Office. It provides an explanation, with theological commentary, of the diocesan plan to defend the sanctity of human life.






The Pro-life Strategy is broken down into 2 main sections, each 6 parts:

Archdiocesan Pro-Life Strategy
1. Introduction: Some Shaping Principles 
  1.1 The Grace of Conversion 
  1.2 Impetus for a New Pro-Life Strategy 
  1.3 Primary Emphasis of Strategy: Prayer 
  1.4 The Strategy: More Than Prayer 
  1.5 Long-Range View 
  1.6 “Toward a Culture of Life
2. Elements of Strategy 
  2.1 Prayer 
  2.2 Crisis Response 
  2.3 Education 
  2.4 Civic Action 
  2.5 Ecumenical Relations 
  2.6 Liaison with Pro-Life Groups 

The Pro-Life Strategy was developed in 1993
Revised: May 1995, November 1995, February 2000

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