Human TraffickingTrafficking is an insult to our human dignity. We are all persons created in God’s image never to be reduced to “objects” that can be sold or traded. As a faith community we pray for victims of trafficking and are providing education and awareness in our Archdiocese.

Now that Bill C-36, “The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act” is law, the road ahead will be paved with more education and opportunities for action as the government implements the new law.

This law is a good first step and Canadians are fortunate to have the opportunity for the next 5 years to prove it is effective.  Now is our time to act – we can make real progress and change in these next few years.

We continue to encourage you to write to your MP to express any concerns you may have regarding the issue of trafficking. Remember, every letter a politician receives is treated as if it represents the views of hundreds of other people. Your single letter wields great political influence.


For more information on the Archdiocese’s Anti Human Trafficking Initiatives, please click on the following buttons to find out more.



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