Human TraffickingTrafficking is an insult to our human dignity. We are all persons created in God’s image never to be reduced to “objects” that can be sold or traded. As a faith community we will pray for victims of trafficking, provide education and awareness in our Archdiocese and understand if there are practical ways to collaborate to help our brothers and sisters who are being victimized.

Bill C-36

On June 4, 2014, the government tabled new legislation, Bill C-36, The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. Together with Archbishop Miller, the bill has been reviewed by a study group comprised of members from the Catholic Women’s League, Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Catholic Christian Outreach, AGAPE, Office of Life, Marriage and Family, Covenant House, Capilano University, Redeemer Pacific College, Trinity Western University, and some independents.

While we are in agreement that it is a good first step in achieving an acceptable prostitution law in Canada, we continue to urge the federal government to implement laws that:

  •  decriminalize the person being sold;
  •  penalize the procurers;
  •  and provide funding for services for prostituted persons to exit the sex industry.

We encourage you to write to your MP to express any concerns you may have regarding the bill or the issue of trafficking. Remember, every letter a politician receives is treated as if it represents the views of hundreds of other people. Your single letter wields great political influence.

Evelyn Vollet
Director, Office of Service & Justice

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